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They never said they wouldn't do an event. For all we know they plan on having an event and this is just a marketing plan. In which case it's exactly what I'd have done in their shoes: first sell the items only on the CM for a week or two, let the people with zero patience shell out massive levels of cash to get the items. Then release a world event where you can get the CM items, by then only the people who weren't going to buy the CM items anyway are left. Maximum profit but everyone wins. The key though is not to say anything about a world event because otherwise many people who would have otherwise bought the CM items will just wait for the event to get items for free thus defeating the purpose of earning extra money.

If I were them though I'd make the world event items slightly different reskins (for example a green speeder with lights instead of red etc.). That way the people that must have everything also do the world event and it nets extra cash from preferred status players with this attitude because they now have to buy the event equipment authorization.
I can't imagine Bioware EA is suddenly going to go:

"Surprise! Remember all those items you paid a fortune for last week? Well this week for the low price of just 3000CC you can by the Life Day Event and get all the items you want for all your characters! Merry Life Day!"

I suspect the internet iself might melt.

And as for the CM prices: I seem to recall many people were saying that the stipend in any MMO is never enough to buy everything in the cash shop for free unless you save up for months on end. Thus the prices shouldn't be a surprise at all, it was stated by many that these sort of prices were exactly what would happen. It's really only a surprise if people thought the devs would design CM prices to be low enough so subs would never have to buy CC to get CM items.
You CANNOT "save up" for the Life Day Pack they are "limited time" only, and given that it would take a 6 monthly subsciber 4 months to save up enough coins, unless that "limited time" means until next Christmas it's just impossible.
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