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Getting rid of expertise makes PvEers into PvPers.

Absolutely not. PvP for your gear. They made war hero a 10-14 day grind to get now. Get out of your wussy operations and come join the actual war sometime.
i disagree. most pvers that i know rarely ever que up for regular and only once in a blue moon for ranked. I dont mind that they are doing this. making expertise equal is already making the games more competitive in regular wzs. besides that, have you ever played with a pve player? they go into pvp with the mindset that it is pve. as in they go in with an inflexible plan. any group who has a decent amount of experience in pvp will be able to dominate because they understand you need to be flexible to win in pvp

I also think this is great for ranked. more teams will be fielded (which is needed) and full/optomized EWH is still a good enough carrot to go after.

lastly, i dont see this isnt going to stop people who enjoy pvp from going f2p. it costs $10 a month for unlimited pvp on 1 (ONE) toon. The gear is also insanely expensive if you are a f2p/preffered player. Casual pvper (people that only pvp and only do it for a few hours a week) probably werent subbing anyway so no issue there

edit: since some crazy people think is is important, closed beta and sub since day 1 (minus a 1month hiatus)