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12.11.2012 , 11:32 AM | #12

If you solo queued on ToFN you should know that you end up in a 4-man premade on your side once every 8 matches (imp side at least) or so and it's far from a guaranteed win because these premades from "top" guilds thinks too highly of themselves. If they were good then it shouldn't take over a minute for them to react to call for help on the side node while they're death matching at he huge stalemate at mid. I might be above average but trying to fend of 3 attackers on the side node by myself for over a minute is a bit hard even for me. Especially if the awesome premade can't cap mid with a 7 vs 4 advantage.

You just have to play PvP roulette on ToFN and leave matches sporting PvE heroes, too many guildless people or 3+ recruit geared people. I especially inspect premaders gear because chances are they are sporting black hole gear or some other crap gear. I certainly don't want 4 guaranteed idiots on my team from certain guilds whom we shouldn't mention. Otherwise pugging on the imperial side is usually without a lot of frustration because the puggers actually know how to PvP most of the time.