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I have to agree here. I mean, I've done Taral V a zillion times, both clearing and skipping. Three of my characters are campaign/dread guard geared (and a fourth is nearly full Black Hole), so it's not like I need the columi drops, but I really would like to actually *do* the content rather than flying past it. It's not like the fights are particularly hard or time consuming.

The fact is that new 50s no longer have any real way to learn their class in a low-risk situation. They have to dive straight into operations, and even then they probably won't see a decent challenge until EC or TfB SM, due to the level of over-gearing that is pervasive across all tier 1 content. It used to be that Hard Modes were just that, hard. I remember wiping for hours on Esseles HM the first time I did it (a week-ish after launch). It was frustrating and time consuming, but I learned a lot and the sense of accomplishment was palpable. Now, all the HMs have been nerfed into the ground, and the playerbase has collectively discovered a vast array of exploits which allow them to complete (or rather, bypass) what little content is left in the most efficient way possible. It leaves more time for such people to log onto the forums and complain about lack of content in this game.

Skipping trash mobs is one thing; skipping bosses is quite another. I would much rather Bioware fixed Taral V, Foundry and Ilum so that the bosses are no longer skippable, since I can't imagine they ever intended the content to be trivialized in this fashion.
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