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Pride is one thing - that is not P2W. P2W is having a statistical advantage over another player when all else is equal between the two of you simply by buying better gear than the other player can get by playing the game. Since that is not the case with anything in the store up to this point, it is not P2W. Again, it is actually the opposite, because presumably, the player who plays the game to obtain the gear would become more skilled as a result, so they would in actuality have the statistical advantage over the player who simply bought the gear and did not put in the time to "earn" it.
Let's start by going on this extreme hypothetical:
Raid Group A refuses to buy any of the new raid gear and they spend time trying to kill the bosses, slowly farming the gear, and thus making the attempts on bosses further in easier to deal with.
Raid Group B buys all the new gear and begins to attempt the bosses.

Both raid groups will still have to deal with the mechanics, but Raid Group B does have a statistical advantage because they have better stats so the learning curve is lessoned.