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I rolled a Consular last night before I went to bed. I'm at like level 4 at the moment. I'm wondering already about what advanced class to play. I was kind of leaning toward shadow because stealth and a double bladed light sabre appeal to me. However the idea of a melee class in light armor just seems like a bad idea.
I haven't found it to be. Spec'd Balance and usually have Theran with me- am up to 41 with no problems so far (3 maybe 4 face-plants total). Barely touch my shields and it's a rare fight that I absolutely have to hit Heroic Moment.

The major downs I've seen is that you really have to watch your energy levels- they go both up and down fast so, most fights are: HIT- HIT- ping- ping- ping- HIT- HIT- ping- ping- ping.... (rinse repeat). Also, you're not a tank-type tank so, you want to take out the little guys first if the larger enemy doesn't have something you need to interrupt and there might be a touch of kiting (moving out of the way of the aoe). It does seem to be a touch pricier to repair your gear- not anything I can't afford but the numbers are still a little higher than my other toons. And, lastly, you have to do the bonus series in order to make up for all of those groups of enemies that you stealth by if your soloing.

Major ups? Not only does the Shadow have quite a few interrupts but so does your healer and he'll use them too. A lot. (Plot-wise he's such a sleaze but mechanics-wise? Why can't I have one of him for all of my toons?) Also, because your energy goes up and down so quickly, usually, by the time I've run to the next group, I'm already up to full and ready to go. And... Of course... Stealth.... Those areas where any other type of toon would have to be fighting every other step are just sooo much easier to get through! Yeah, you get spotted sometimes but that "panic button" is almost always handy. I don't remember the name of the power but it allows you to instantly drop out of a fight and stealth.

Which is all just a veeeeerrrry long way of saying: "Yeah, it's easily doable because if an inexperienced player like me (prefer healers/sorc/sage) can get a toon up there, so can anyone." Just don't try to play like you're a Juggy/Guardian and you should be fine.