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12.11.2012 , 10:29 AM | #104
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If wiki want a good example of a strawman argument, I will point them at this post, I dont think anyone could do a better job.
If/when we ever see raid/pvp gear for sale in the store, Ill be right beside you.
You're absolutely right. My example hasn't happened and it's taken to the extreme. And I won't be unsubbing right now. If they did what I mentioned, you can sure bet that I would.

However, what they are doing here is unprecedented in this F2P model for ToR. So far everything you could buy was strictly cosmetic, right? Now you can buy something that's a stat upgrade to some feature in the game, correct?

You tell me, how did they not cross the line?

I'm still against this sort of behavior, but mostly on principal. If this was to spill over into other aspects of the game, eventually it would be enough.

Overall on my viewpoint: It's not enough to quit the game now, but why did BW/EA introduce anything that is in the P2W realm of behavior? If they go far enough though, I will be quitting this game solely on that change.