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Greetings fellow players. I have a lvl 50 sawbones, assault vanguard and a marksman sniper on the Tomb of Freedom Nadd server. I definitely am not the best scoundrel healer around, but i consider myself to be above average in terms of skill and understanding the game mechanics.

On the said server there are 4 competitive PvP guilds per faction more or less, who do both normals and ranked. So, its likely you ll get a ranked wz pop during peak hours at least.

So, why do we even join the normal q you will ask ? To begin with, some days we just lack a certain key class/cannot get a proper set up. Unfortunately, you simply cannot get a Commando to dps, you cannot q and hope to win without a shadow defending west and definitely need a sage for the bubbles. Long story short, ranked warzones team set up is greatly influenced by some "metagame rules" and ofcourse FoTM. Lets face it, one joins a PvP oriented guild in order to win ranked warzones.
Also, atleast in ToFN the pvp guilds more or less know if and when the other guild/guilds are going to form a team. Obviously theres no point in keeping your team up and waiting if you know noone is gonna q.

Obviously even if subs are actually going up it gets harder to recruit players who have both the skill and knowledge to play at a "competitive" level. Therefore, there is only one solution left, and thats normals.

Now. Do "hardcore elite facerolling and so on" guilds enjoy facerolling undergeared PUGS? Answer is obviously NO. Do we enjoy getting in warzones to see 4 green 14k recruits ? NO. Do we enjoy losing a game because the enemy premade got better randoms while ours are incompetent? NO. This isn't how PvP should be. Fyi hardcore pvping comes with the proper mentality. True pvpers don't qq about OP classes and gain satisfaction not from winning, but from winning the very best opposition.

Lets face it, PvP endgame is supposed to be Ranked Warzones. Sadly, its really hard to set up, given of course you intend to do it properly, since there is no real incentive for people to play. Personally i 've slacked plenty of times, choosing a good pint over ranked. Therefore, on plenty of cases, normal warzones is whats left.

There is also a double standard about premades. I have yet to see one of those self called "casual" players whine because he got teamed up with a premade, that in the end gave him an easy win. I think that your problem is not that premades are making PvP unfair, since an effortless win should annoy you equally. Its only the defeats that seem to brake the game. Please. I 've soloqd a bit during the past few weeks and i dare say there were plenty of games where 3 out of 4 participants were undergeared.

Now, about that 4 man ranked stupidity thats lurking around. You ppl being for it, merely choose to have Bioware place the problem on somebody elses lap, since the maps atm are not designed for 4v4 matches. It will more likely completely brake PvP instead of fixing it.

Last but not least. Atleast the premades i run do not capitalise on voice communication in order to win. We may or may not be on our Teamspeak server, but most of the times we win because we observe the battlefield and use common sense before using an ability. (Observation test: How many times did you bother pressing Map hotkey, check your weak node defenders name and keep an eye on his Healthbar on the Raidframe? This way you need not rely on him reporting INC. You just either report it yourself or move to help him on ur own. This wins games.)

Bottomline, in my opinion forcing people to not play with their mates in a MMO is just plain wrong and it will solve nothing. Even if players were allowed only to solo q for normals, then these very forums would flood with OMG NABS EVERYWHERE threads asking for another solution. The only way that might actually work is making ranked easier to set up by properly addresing class balance and perhaps giving players an incentive to play ranked (Perhaps mods/enhancements to make maxing easier after a certain rating for comms/credits - just an idea).

PS : Is it true that the SW:TOR PvP team is the one who came up with the bombing spec for Bright Wizards on WaR? You ppl actually managed to make something even worse. Congratulations.
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