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12.11.2012 , 09:56 AM | #77
Firstly we have to define our terms. As I see it...

Pay to Win: Unless you pay real money, you will never win. It is impossible to beat the content without paying (beyond what you already pay for your subscription). If you do not pay real money (again, beyond your subscription), it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete said content. You will never beat it....ever...unless you pay. There is absolutely NO other way to get the stuff you need without paying.

If you're a subscriber, this is already not P2W because you get a monthly allotment of cartel coins. The issue we have here is one of time. Basically, people don't want to grind. They want to beat the content grind-free immediately.

Now, i'm at work, so I haven't played the new space stuff. I can't speak to its difficulty, but iv'e already read, "I can do it fine with lower tier stuff" and, "I tried 3 times and can't do it....therefore it's impossible". Amazing the contradiction level in this thread. I'll try it out myself later today and see how I feel about it.

We clearly have "PLAY a ton to win eventually" or "PAY so you can win as fast as you can". It's your choice. This space pack is a time sink. Nothing more. It's made for casual people that enjoy the space challenge and are in no rush to beat it all overnight. Bioware is teaching you a lesson in sociology. Who's gonna be the first one that HATES space, but will line up to spend real cash to fly through this new stuff? Who indeed?
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