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P2W occurs whenever a player can circumvent an aspect of the game simply by paying money to do so.
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Of course it is , circumvention officially is still circumvention.

You pay you miss out on grind, that's P2W by its very defination.
"Pay-to-win" is sometimes used as a derogatory term to refer to games where paying for in-game items can give the player an advantage over other players, particularly if the items cannot be obtained by free means.

Critics of the free-to-play approach are concerned that if players that paid for special items subsequently become better at a multiplayer game than those who did not purchase the same items, then it will not be as enjoyable as other games since players who paid more money are more successful than those who simply rely on skill. These games are known as "Pay-to-Win" (often abbreviated P2W) games.

So far as we know, nothing in the CM is more powerful than anything that can be gotten in game, and some of those items are available both in game and in the CM.

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