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Correct, but for most people, they cannot complete the new missions without the gade 7 stuff. So they have to grind out for a month to get the upgrades or take the easy way and just buy the gear. I am afraid that many will simply just buy the gear and this will just encourage EA to put in more p2w stuff in the game.
People that aren't even getting close to completing them in T6 won't complete them in full T7 either. Missions are hard, just as they are supposed to be.

Quote: Originally Posted by ReallYDeepMan View Post
There will be an impact, it should start to depress the price of the Stabilizers as increased supply enters the market, given that, once people can do the new missions, they'll be netting 240 Fleet comms in 30 minutes, rather than the former 100 Comms in 70 minutes.

The increased access to BH comms could also reduce the demand on the grade 27 crafted stuff.
Except that it's 320 Fleet comms, and per week, as oposed to old missions that give rewards every day. And yeah, it might take 30 min to do them all, if you can do them at all.
16 extra comms per week won't break anything either.