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12.11.2012 , 09:48 AM | #71
I suspect many players won't be able to complete the T7 missions even with the new gear. At least depending on what class you are.

I can't compare the T7 missions, but the previous T6 mission had a HUGE gap between classes. In full artifact T6 parts, EMP, scrambler, and charger my JC could just barely complete the Impossible Sector mission with about 20% life left. My IA with blue T5 equipment and only the charger could complete the imperial equivalent with full life without ever even going below 50% shields.

So far with full T7 equipment my JC has only been able to beat 2 of the missions. With a little more practice i'm sure I can get the rest, but I started lagging so badly that I couldn't play anymore.
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