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the completiion of said space missions results in daily, blackhole and fleet commendations, and credits... ingame currency farming.

Also just saw them ingame. I feel really sick in my stomach.
Thats just plain disgusting... 2nd interation of cartel market, and its already taken a shady turn.
Even if its just the space "mini" game, thats just plain wrong, selling the items that require large volume ingame grinding... I hope this is something they STOP here and never repeat again, cause if it turns up again.

The only thing the store should be selling is new ships, ship skins, colour crystals for ships imo... not usable, and top level space combat gear.
Considering purchasing these upgrades has no effect on any other player other then the player who buys them this is win win.

You cant even show off the fact that you have these upgrades to others. There is no space pvp. If there was I could see the argument. I wont be buying these upgrades cause I can get them for free in game. I say good on EA for capitalizing on an area of the game that's entirely solo.
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