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Quote: Originally Posted by Carter_Mathis View Post
-Hidden Strike/Shoot First - almost never hits for 5k against anyone with respectable gear
-Backstab/Back Blast - only hits for 5k on people with bad PVE gear...
-Kolto Pack/Kolto Infusion - if you seriously use this in your rotation as a healer, I'm going to come through this computer and slap you

I should preface this with the fact that I'm in fully auged WH with 5 EWH pieces and I stack power/cunning and set bonus crit, so my hits are even bigger than normal scoundrels
I have many others that say they are capable. Personally I hit 5k with HS quite often. Especially pairing the acid blade damage. If well geared (as you are) HS direct damage only needs to be around 4200 to hit 5k w/acid blade from time to time. I've only hit 5k with backstab once, but pairing with acid blade I hit it often enough.

As for Kolto Pack, it doesn't matter if it's used or not, it hits 5k, which is the point of this thread.
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