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I still see the old quests, they don't appear to be gone to me.

That being said, even with them it's still a grind. You can do an hour of Space / Day and net 100 Fleet comms, or, more realistically, 20 minutes for 45 Comms. That's 14-30 days of doing the missions every day to get the Armor and two weapon upgrades. Or, just pay real world money ...

This is a bad precedent.
Yup. Would have to agree. If you want the schematics, that is 2 weeks of lowbie space missions. Every day for an hour or so, just doing space missions. Only have 2 hours to play? Well there goes half your play time if you want the new upgrades or all your play time if you want to do it for 2 characters. You want the other items? another 15 days. Want the items to make the schematics? Another few days. This has turned me off from space missions.
Dear BW,
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