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Let's get away from the negative threads and do something entertaining (while we are at work/wherever). Almost all classes have a big hitter. Let's list them out. The way I look at this is attacks capable of hitting for over 5k. However, you can use your own judgement on what should be here. I will add in items as we go and I have time.

Smuggler / Agent

Operative / Scoundrel
-Hidden Strike / Shoot First 5k Capable (higher with Acid Blade / Flechette Round)
-Backstab / Backblast 5k Capable
-Underworld Medicine / Kolto Injection 5k Capable
-Kolto Pack/Kolto Infusion 5k Capable
-Hidden Strike/Shoot First - almost never hits for 5k against anyone with respectable gear
-Backstab/Back Blast - only hits for 5k on people with bad PVE gear...
-Kolto Pack/Kolto Infusion - if you seriously use this in your rotation as a healer, I'm going to come through this computer and slap you

I should preface this with the fact that I'm in fully auged WH with 5 EWH pieces and I stack power/cunning and set bonus crit, so my hits are even bigger than normal scoundrels