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If you ask me, knowing the future makes any kind of saving or reclaiming scheme rather fruitless. As far as Taris goes, we already know that even after three thousand years, Taris never recovers. So, would I want to help in a recovery project there? No. It would be futile. Of my characters, my Jedi would not mind helping. My smuggler wouldn't mind running supplies there (as long as she is paid, of course.) But that's about it.

Taris would seem to hold two purposes: one, it's a, if not THE, source for study of the rakghoul plague. Second, there is still that vault where the leaders of the planet in the past are frozen in carbonite. In that, there is still some value. Beyond that, I cannot think of any reason to restore the planet or what value it has.

Well, it can be a great source of scavanged metal. But recycling metal does not seem to be something those in the Star Wars universe seem to care to do. Especially when you consider that there are whole planets used for trash and old ship disposal.
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