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Oh noes you will have to play content that you say you enjoy for a whole week!!!! How dare they!

I am sure if you open a CS ticket they will just send you everything you are entitled to for free with no effort on your part.

Pay2Win is when the best things are ONLY on the market. This is just another option designed to milk the greedy and impatient "Must have it NOW!" crowd and there is nothing wrong with that.
I'll agree with the above statement.

The hypocrisy in this forum amazes me. Days ago everyone complained about space mission and that thu were a waste of time as no one played them. Now they are released and everyone complains that they have to play them to aquire in game stuff. Then complain cause there is 2 ways of aquiring said items. Of course they miss the fact that this is a single player mini game that has no effect on other peoples game.

I think we are now complaining to complain. Week ago no one cared, now everyone does?
That's why they call it space, cause there is so much of it.