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12.11.2012 , 08:57 AM | #1139
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At first I was just annoyed, now after seeing Revan's chest and a few other things that are included in this update, I am really starting to get angry at the lack of response on this issue.

If this doesn't get fixed within the next 24 hours or at the least an OFFICIAL response from a designer/developer stating they are working on it as a top priority, I will just let my sub end for a second time on this game and never look back.
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Yep bloody annoying it is not that I wanted those robes but did want some of the other stuff, once every man and his dog has them I will have zero interest in them so BW probably just cost themselves a few 5500 purchases.
See above Bioware! your not only losing subs! your losing people that are willing to buy quite a lot of cartel coins for the stuff they want ! i feel like us subscribers are invaluable to Bioware, due to the lack of productive feedback that we have had from them it seriously is outstanding.