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12.11.2012 , 08:30 AM | #26
Did try the SWTOR.exe and run and installation over the old installation. No effect at all! Even with Kasparsky and Windows Firewall turned off!

And best of all? The "Install Star Wars The Old Republic.txt" file you wanted? It cannot be found on my pc. First I went through the folders, then I went to My Computer page and asked the computer to search for it. It found nothing. No such file at all. So such a file cannot even be posted.

Your patch doesn't want to work. And I do not think Local Security Measures are at fault. How can they be when they are off?

( By the way, I think I know why the "Install Star Wars The Old Republic.txt" wasn't created. On my computer there is no users/<username>/my documents folder. It is a Norwegian pc and its called brukere/<username>/mine dokumenter. I doubt your program is authorized to create a users/<username>/my documents folder, and if it doesn't have international OS folder names alternatives and are unable to find the Norwegian pathway I doubt it gets authorization to create "Install Star Wars The Old Republic.txt" to a pathway that doesn't already exist.)
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