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We have the tanks stay with their targets and do just enough dps to keep aggro and use beneficial abilities (like Riposte and Blade Storm for Guardians). As I'm sure you know, doing too much damage before Heirad is dead will buff their friends. We also don't worry too much about positioning, but it's probably easiest to tank Kelsara in the near-right corner from the entrance and Ciphas in the far left or right corner, depending on where he jumps to.

Heirad goes down pretty easy if your dps is on top of their game and switching quickly to Ciphas for a burn while spamming interrupt, then switching back right away. So you should be safe letting the tanks focus on their targets. Usually mechanics get us in this fight, not enrage.

One final tip: Ciphas is untauntable when he is shielding Heirad. If his leap coincides with a tank swap, the new tank will need to taunt Ciphas immediately after the interrupt or Ciphas will attack the Kelsara tank.
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