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12.11.2012 , 08:24 AM | #47
To be fair, the in-game credit value of the Grade 7 upgrades will go through the floor in no time as people buy with CC and dump on the GTN, hoping to make "millions." They'll still be worth something, but simple economics dictates that the credit price will fall until it's roughly on par with the ratio you can get for cashing out any alternative item available through the CM, such as cartel packs. The price on cartel packs, for instance, was quite high at first, but has fallen to the point where they're either worse or on par with anything else you can sell.

This does mean that the Grade 7 stuff will never, ever get crafted, since it's idiotic to waste exotic mats on an item that is going to wind up selling for 1/4 to 1/3 of what it costs to make it.

So if you plan to get rich on these things and buy your full DG set, better do it quick before everyone else gets the same idea. Eventually, of course, the ease of converting CC -> credits is only going to cause the credit price to rise on everything that is only available in that currency.

If they were really smart, they would take a page from the EVE playbook and put an item in the Cartel Market that grants you one month of paid subscription for around 2,200 CC, where the item can be freely sold and traded. That would just cut out all the middle trash and allow players with lots of money and little time to turn $ directly into credits, and players with lots of time and no allowance to turn credits into subscribed play time.

When players have a legit means of importing real life money to game money, the gold seller market goes bye bye overnight, and it provides a nice symbiotic way for players who have complementary excesses to trade off with each other. It also allows BW to pocket all the money that would otherwise be diverted to the gold scammer market, and that can only help the game.