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12.11.2012 , 08:17 AM | #252
I fully appreciate now after the release of 1.6 that a subscription is the equivalent to a monthly bulk discount on unlocks in the cartel shop. No more, no less. As a subscriber until now, free-to-play has not directly affected my enjoyment beyond the noticeable increase in population -- a good thing. I was even a bit encouraged by the cartel shop, considering it somewhat of an in-game horse armor / pet shop. Yes, I'm fine with horse armor if you enjoy that sort of thing. Personally, I won't be spending currency on vanity items I'd normally associate with a holiday event -- especially at current prices. Subscriptions aren't what they used to be. Patch 1.6 has changed my perception of the game.

Electronic Arts: I'd pay some cartel coins as ransom for the return of Holiday for my two consulars. Similarly, I absolutely have cartel coins to spend so my companions can re-learn to sheath their light sabers. Could we perhaps get some Cosmetic Bug Extermination Packs in the cartel shop?