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arguing instead of providing proof..I said i don't deny people left and probably quite a said 2,000,000 another claims its in financial statements and neither has stepped up and backed up their words.

The burden of proof isn't on me, its on the person making the claims. You made a statement in public, I'm calling out that statement and asking for proof of it.

Total Units

North America:



+ Europe:



+ Rest of the World:



= Global


total copies of the game sold

But “Star Wars: The Old Republic” showed signs of weakening. EA said active subscribers totaled 1.3 million at the end of the quarter — down 24% from the 1.7 million reported at the end of the December period, when the game first launched.
So thats may 2012 at 1.3mil subs down from 1.7mil subs

Today, in an investor call with Electronic Arts, it's been revealed that subscribers for the Bioware Star Wars MMO have dropped below 1 million. And while no actual subscriber number was given, EA said that it was still "well over" 500,000...still, a paultry number for a Star Wars game developed in what was, at one time, a hugely successful business model.
this was around the FTP announcement where no sub numbers where given apart from they where above 500k now not sure why they used 500k if they are above 600k or 700k etc or w/e but EA didnt release figures this time we may need to wait till the new financial year for them to say how low the game got and compare it to what FTP has done for it.

Theres the links for the sub drops etc