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12.11.2012 , 08:15 AM | #24
This wouldn't be half as annoying if I could go around this problem by manually downloading the patch and then applying it myself. I've had patch freezes in several different online games, and usually if the loader installer freezes on install, running my own local patch file usually solves the problem.

I cannot understand why SWTOR wouldn't have a manual, downloadable patch.exe. Not only would it help solve occasional problems such as this, but it would enable those with slower internet connections out there to download and install the patch and also be an effective way of pre-downloading the patch a day before. There are hopefully other good reasons as well.

The fact that so many players experience patcher freezing up however shows that this is a major problem. It also makes me wonder if this patch was tested properly befaure launched out to the public. When a major patcher problem like this occurs for more than a handful of people perhaps it could have been detected before hand?

There really should have been a manual way of downloading and applying the patch oneself.
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