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12.11.2012 , 07:52 AM | #40
Deffinitely not. I have made an attempt to complete 3 and failed 3 times. To say it shortly: gear gap between Grade 5 artifacts and grade 7 is too big and missions are designed in a way u will get hit eventualy (no chance to dodge at point blank range). All that damage builds up and u will simply get scrapped before mission ends.
From those 3 failures I have already learned what I need and once I'm done with tweaking my two main characters all fleet comms I get will go for gear upgrades I need (9 ships...). This will keep me busy for a while

Also if u do not like space combat You don't have to do them. We have other dailies/weekly missions available.

P.S. Like in RL air fight, superior tech wins.