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12.11.2012 , 07:50 AM | #2
Its not "bad" but in pvp lack of burst and vulnerability to burst make it a challenge, especially when in recruit.

In PvE its a bit lacking in sustained but not overly so.

Mostly, I think only some minor fix would be needed :

For madness:

-Have crushing darkness tick every 2 seconds for twice the current tick damage rather than once per second to avoid it eating all deathmarks
-change ticking of CT so it ticks faster in the first 6 seconds, then slower. Make it worthy dps wise, but force degenerating to use on CD.
-add a permanent minor snare to CT (similar to wither)

Lightning tree:

-boost lightning strike damage by a fair margin (lightning spec should have it about on par with Tracer Missile, otherwise slightly under merc's power shot for other specs)
-better % on forked lightning and Lightning storm on LS (45ish to 60%, altough since LS has no cd, 60 might be too much)
-TB can also proc forked lightning.

Imo it would give that small boost we need.

As far as lightning in pvp, I won't comment since i never brought the spec in a WZ.