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I don't understand your reply to me. Are you disagreeing with my post or agreeing with it? I was talking about that too if you read the entire thing.
Very simple.. he only agrees about the fact of Spaceship gear being bad and doesn't care about the 'cool looks' of other things. It is the fact that the best statted gear in game for Space Missions, the thing you'd grind Space Missions to achieve, is available through the Cash Shop as well.

This is not Pay 4 Time, which it would be if you could, say, buy the Grade 6 stuff to gear out your ship so you can do the heroics. This is Pay 2 Win because you have the eventual maximum statted reward for the activity already through cash.

That is the major difference for everyone. And really.. most people don't care about the looks stuff or the Life Day things as other posters in other threads do. But this is a problem more people seem to agree on.
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