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Greetings All,

It is possible your anti-virus or firewall is preventing the game patching itself. Please use the appropriate link below for information on how to boot your computer in safe mode with Networking. Please try again to patch the game while booted in this mode.

Windows 7:

Windows Vista:

Windows XP:

Do post again if you still have an issue.

Please.. just, stop insulting the intelligence of your customer base. Safe mode has no effect other than only loading essential services. But hey, lets not be "one of those annoying customers who think they know better". Here, I'll even post a screenshot.

Here's an idea. Tell the developers to redesign the patch service. As someone who's majored in technical IT, and is currently on his masters' degree, here's some general stuff you (as in, Bioware) could do that is actually useful:
- Add a verbose option to the patcher. "Installing Main Assets 94", yeah, that's totally going to help a user to troubleshoot.
- Stop having people with more free time than gray matter compile patches
- Don't depend on file integrity. Here's an idea. If the patcher sees any file as improper, wget the damn file and just replace it with a proper one. This is really basic stuff.
- Stop treating your customers as idiots.
- Have the patcher just generate a makelog or whatever (I'm assuming you make locally, if not, then bugs like this one are especially inexcusable). Similar to verbose, but it might actually have people who can tell their head from their bottoms be able to troubleshoot or come up with more than useful stuff in threads like these, other than rants like mine.

And yes, I am fully aware that this is totally a rant, directed at a BioWare customer service who probably has nothing to do with anything, and is just trying to earn their wage so they can pay their rent and groceries. That's cool. And I'm (somewhat) sorry if I offended you, though the likelyhood of all this actually being read is low. However, you (Cerimon, in this case) are also hopefully aware that working in forums CS means that you're representing BioWare on the front line, and you *will* have to deal with flak from, basically, pissed off customers like myself. Unfair? Don't like it? Tough. People don't like to work in general, but hey, at least you get paid to put up with annoying customers like myself. All while the rest of us, will be stuck re-downloading and re-installing the entire game, a process taking well up to 12 hours (due to horrible peering, but that's another issue). Anyways, time to go do exactly that. Might actually make it in time for my guilds' prime raid day.

And if you, the CS agent in this thread, or anyone from BioWare decided to read this to the end: I commend and applaud you for it. Not a lot of people are willing to do that. But in conclusion, please, just stop insulting my, and my peers' intelligence. It is not helpful, and it often produces the opposite result: instead of happy customers you get customers writing posts such as this one.