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Luckily the schematics are not in cartel market... yet.
But I agree, they should put some items only, and make the rest grindable. When the prices were announced, I started grind, and had enough comms to buy all the buyable stuff. The rest I got for the coins, as there is really nothing I could spend them on in cartel market (being subscriber)

Besides, what you got as P2W space.... 5 extra BH comms a week. That's like one armoring in two months and also about 200k creds a month (that's a day of dailies). So not that it will change "balance of power".

P2W is P2W, there's no scale to it.

P2W doesn't suddenly become not P2W because the advantage is small, in fact in most cases of P2W the advantage IS small (mostly because anything bigger and players just up and leave, leaving the game to die).
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