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12.11.2012 , 07:19 AM | #29
here is what i would do as a Creditseller.

On my Server a Molecular Stabiliser cost 200k an the GTN (and this is a pretty decent price).
So all the new items made through schematics will cost 1mio just for the materials.

As a goldseller i buy cartelcoins. Enough for 12 Spacemissionitempacks für ~35€ (i am from germany).
Then i sell all the Items at 60% of the Materialprice. and have made ~8-10mio credits with the ~5000cartelcoins.
Then i sell these for ~25-30€ for one million. That makes at least 150-300€ outof my 35€ in 48h.
And as a p2w player i use the credits to buy nearly full dreadtooth armor through mods.

Easiest p2w ever.

There would not be such an impact on the whole ig market if BW would have sold 1mio Credits für 400 Coins.