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12.11.2012 , 07:09 AM | #1133
It's beyond a joke TBH

I work on a F2P and we do have similar problems with card payments our 3rd party payment provider only allows 8 transactions in a 30 day cycle however players can still use paypal, text etc

Bioware's is an in house system (as far as I know) there is absolutely no reason for this to be happening beyond sheer stupidity, it's annoying me no end seeing people with the new gear in game and I can't buy coins to grab them myself.

No way am I spending another 14 hours on the phone which is what it took over 3 days just to get my sub to go through.

This is not an issue our end this is an issue your side, your own Galway based acc and billing agent stated so when she confirmed that players cannot purchase more when x amount of transactions are sat on your system.
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