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12.11.2012 , 06:29 AM | #151
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Already gave some of my thoughts about this on another thread.

Up until now I've pretty much been a big supporter of the Cartel Market.

I'm now somewhat speechless and almost don't know what more to say other than 'WOW' and

No events? Charging for disposable fireworks I had thought were only going to be free? Had been looking forward to this day thinking I was going to have a good festive time firing off all mine at once but now, if they give us some "free" ones for subscribing, they're going strait to the GTN.

Think I may be smelling the coffee for the first time. Fear I helped grow this monster by spending too much money buying CC. I'm sorry.
^ This how I feel. I have also been a support of the Cartel Market, but this just make me