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I rarely post on forums (seriously, look at my join date and post count)

But I have to agree, I do see the whole "Cash shop" as annoying, but alas, it's the bad bits of MMO's that people are grasping onto and pinning their hopes and futures for it, I see it in Star Trek Online, went there, they thrust lockboxes at you to make you buy keys for them, ships over there costing what I get a week in welfare in the UK (currently jobless, hoping that changes soon), and I have not played WoW, but I hear people going on about it happening there.

I was in EVE Online before I lost my job, I was there during "Monocle-gate" as it's called.

But there is one thing I see that Bioware has done right so far, so far, is that the cash shop is NOT a pay-to-win, it's a pay-to-look.

I do hate the cash shop system that MMO's are getting, but I am glad that Bioware has gone with the lesser of two evils in their MMO, as trust me, if this game was a pay-to-win, PvP would be worse than it is now, and people would be moaning about content, from what I see an hear in Fleet local chat, it's often people moaning about PvP Content and players who have not learnt the game properly.
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