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So that you can see and look at items on the Cashshop is not "secret", yet for some reason that you would be able to get them later in an event would be "secret"?
Either way 4 months worth of subscriber coins for ONE pack for ONE character is far too costly.
First and foremost... I know what a PS3 looks like. I can even go to the store now and buy one. Doesn't change the fact that it's a secret if my wife got me one for X-Mas this year, if I don't know that's what she got me. The gift is the secret, not necessarily what the gift could possibly be.

Secondly, where does this 4 months worth of sub coins for ONE pack for ONE character number come from? What are we considering a pack here?

A full set of gear is 960 CC. That's a smidge less than 2 months for me (I've been getting 500/mo, is this not right?).
A "Blockade Runner Cartel Pack" is 360 CC. That's less than 1 month for me.

I do see that you can buy the whole daffy kit and kaboodle, not sure if I'd call that ONE pack, since it's actually a collection of many packs, for an obscene amount of CC. Rather misleading if that's what you're referring to there though, since it's in fact about 5 packs... I rather like their word usage "bundle".

But no one is forcing you to buy the whole kit and kaboodle here. Do you really need some tinsel bombs? And a holo tree? Ok, so the holo tree is sort of cool, but obtained on it's own for a lot less than the whole frakkin bundle. My point being that if you want everything and the kitchen sink, expect to pay a lot for everything and the kitchen sink, but don't make it sound like you have to pay for everything and the kitchen sink just to enjoy this event.

With 1 month of cartel coins awarded for my subscription, and a small 4.99 micro transaction, I can obtain the unique equipment! Yay.
With that same one month, if I didn't want to spend 4.99 more for a full set of unique equipment, I could instead try my luck with a cartel pack, and possibly get at least one piece of the equipment, and some other snazzy stuff! Yay.
1 month of cartel coins also buys a lot of fireworks and festivities if "participating in a holiday event" is all I really care about, as so many have claimed their disgusted about having to pay for.
If my 15 current speeders (number exaggerated for dramatization) just don't excite me anymore, I can spend a little bit and get a fun new unique speeder! Yay.
All of these listed things are currently less than 4 months worth of awarded Cartel Coins. And some of them even have the word "Pack" in their name.

And again, there's no telling what <Mythical Life Day Figure here> might leave in my mailbox on Life Day itself, if anything...