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I don't get it. Why does BW have it out so much for this poor AC? It's like they're intentionally trying to make this class fail.
I dont get it either, they really need to open their eyes and not just go after pve balance. On Tomb Of Freedon Nadd we have tons of people doing pvp, a huge amount. The only people dumb enough to even try pvp at 50 as mercs are so pitifully few and pretty much none of them manage to do it with any success.

Great skill does NOT make this a viable class. I can just see it infront of me; the devs gather for a round of internal testing. Doing some pvp in the latest warzone, its been roughly a month since any of them had time to try it out due to the cartel market and F2P so they are all pretty rusty.

In this testing ground, do you think someone playing a 3 button tracer spammer will do above average against a bunch of melee who dont have much situational awareness? Cause i do, i really think they sit their and go "Oh look at mister XXX going all crazy mando on the rest of us, clearly peoples whining is not justified..the class is just too hard to master."

If any yellow poster claims im wrong then i want to know WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH HAVE YOU LEFT THIS CLASS TO THE VULTURES FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS?! Its beyond useless!

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