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good argumentation against lethality user claiming they are more mobile. There is one catch though: ambush is important and it's 1.5 sec, with laze target you get only one crit snipe, after that 1 min you are depending on your crit chance. No crit snipe, no reactive shot, 2.5 sec ambush. So it's not that guaranteed. And you still need to cast 1,5 sec.

Now another real difference: the mercs use tech attacks for tracer and the rest. They have less troubles than us when having to deal with deflection, saberstrike and any sort of ranged defense. So it's not that they don't have advamtages.
That's why I use Series of Shots instead of Ambush if Snipe doesn't proc Reactive shot. In total i have dead on 40% crit chance (34% + agent buff + max comp affection crit boost), so between 4 or 5 SoS ticks, 1 hit will proc Reactive Shot. So while I might not be able to do a 1,5sec Ambush every 6 seconds, I definitely can do one every 12 because 1 tick of SoS always procs Reactive Shot.

The problem is that Arsenal Mercs are too reliant on Tracer missile and are too susceptible to interrupts. They really need to have some for of interrupt protection because all of the attacks you'll see them using most of the time (Tracer Missile, Unload, Power Shot, Death from Above, Sweeping Blasters, Pulse Cannon (sorry idk the name of the Imp mirror skill) are either channeled or have a cast time.

If you consider the amount of attacks that melee classes can use to stop you from getting off a skill: Force Kick, Force Push, Awe, Force Stasis, Shoot First, Distraction, Low Slash, Spinning Kick, Force Pull, Harpoon, Flash Grenade, Dirty Kick, Cryo Grenade, Seismic Grenade (and the list goes on forever) or skills they can use to avoid getting hit (Force Camo, Force Cloak, Disappearing Act etc.), you'll see that an Arsenal merc is not just disadvantaged against melee but it is literally shut down to the point, where it cannot do anything.

All other ranged classes have some form of interrupt protection (like Snipe or Ambush) or have instant damaging abilities (like Force in the Balance or Sever Force) and even the much accursed Lightning Sorcs have Polarity Shift to protect against interrupts! Hell even Ravage is uninterruptible for Maras and Juggs.

So why you can't give Mercs some form of interrupt protection is beyond me. Especially that we had to *********** beg BW for months to get a combat rez! And even more months to get an interrupt! Mercs was literally the only DPS AC that couldn't interrupt anything! It was the only healer AC that couldn't rez anyone.

I don't get it. Why does BW have it out so much for this poor AC? It's like they're intentionally trying to make this class fail.