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But i am doing that right now. It's my right and my opportunity and i use it.
And you have all and every rights not to listen and stop moaning aloud 'oh, i've done flashs hundred times and i am so pity and tired and bored so let me do it hundred times more again and again but can i run faster and skip everything?'

good luck then
find another group and run another hundred times
have all fun in your own way little grinding munchkin!
Good luck getting like minded players who will put up with your 50 minute flashpoints in Tomb of Freedon Nadd. You can see my name from my sig, I know just as well the community of TOFN and how many of them will be willing to do your full Battle of Ilum - Taral V runs. I have no problem with your play style, but you have no right to push your game choices down my thoat and others, just as I don't have the mentioned right myself.

The fact that you think you can be totally done with a Flashpoint in 6 runs when Hazmat earpieces require you to get 350 BH comms is enought proof that you have no clue.
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