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12.11.2012 , 05:41 AM | #206
"AOE burst" is just like, *** are you thinking...

Not only do they have AOE burst, the same classes also have AOE crowd control and a ton of defensive cool downs.

No, just no - AOE crowd control + AOE burst damage can only lead to one thing: OVER POWERED.
Think about it people, would your supposedly experienced game designers: are not area affect abilities, by definition, the most potent abilities: like duh, they affect more than 1 person but originate from 1 person. Captain Obvious says, these abilities are going to be important as soon as there is more then 1 target.

But, hey, that is NOT enough. Lets also give the same classes a ton of defensive cool downs, even when not spec'd as tanks. This is where you have insanely broken classes with excellent defenses, aoe burst AND aoe cc it's definitely too much.

Unbelievable response from the so called "lead pvp designer" - monitoring the situation? REALLLY???

Any designer with one shred of comprehension of pvp would *INSTANTLY* know that a class with strong defence, strong AOE damage, that is also burst ANNNNDD AOE CC all in one package is absolutely going to be stupidly powerful and would not let it ever see the light of day.

Let alone shine on for months and months - before making the brilliant decision to remove all of it's limitations, buff it more and nerf the single target specs which weren't even a problem. Oh, and lets just buff those defensive cool downs and **** it, add more, cause these classes need help. Oh and also, why not just go ahead and buff ravage/master strike too - hey, lets make it do more damage AND be uninterruptible!

Just like Demtel though, that is also not enough. Let's also completely **** over anything except dps by changing expertise scaling to favour damage over everything else, cause, thats real *********** smart and community was demanding we do that. Actually, the community was urging us NOT to do that, but what do they know. WE HAS METRICS!!!!!!!

Monitoring the situation - I'm not sure if I should keep laughing or cry, knowing that this guy is still the lead designer *sigh*.

ps. You know, I've actually been playing since Beta and before anny of these buffs happened, good players already knew Marauders were strong and that Smash jugs were strong. That's right, they were good pre 1.2 and every change since has only improved them.
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