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12.11.2012 , 05:38 AM | #101
I have to agree with the OP, this is just disgusting.

For a limited time only and yet for a price which would take 4-5 months to save up for, at least, is an absolute disgrace.

Yes there will be people who knee jerk and say 'well you don't have to buy them', and sure, you don't. But these are very obviously items that would work perfectly well in an event, but instead you're being forced to either fork out alot of real money to get them, or pay the extreamly high premium they will be on the GTN. They could have made a fun, interactive event out of these, and had them on the market for those who would rather buy them, but instead its cash only. Personally I've never seen something this disgusting in a holiday 'event' in an MMO before.

But I guess this should have been forseeable, this is basically the company who does the Sims 3 store.