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I know that this will be an unpopular request with some players...but here goes...

Bioware, can you please make it so that players can't skip the last two boss fights in Taral V?

If you go just right, you can slip past the Droid (2nd boss) without pulling agro, and the last boss will reset if you move to the right place, thus never need to fight them.

I understand that people are using Taral V as a way to farm their daily and weekly rewards while doing the least amount of work possible, I get's sad...and kinda pitiful...but I get it.

But some of us, particularly new 50s, WANT to fight the bosses, we need the drops, we want to learn the fights, and some of us, like the challenge.

The problem is that so many people know how to skip these two fights, that it is virtually impossible to find a group that is even willing to.

I have done, or tried to do this HM FP 5 times using group finder, and not once was the group even willing to do the fights. Once they sat and simply watched as other players pulled agro, and let them die, until he quit in disgust, twice more, booted someone from the group, because they wanted to do the fights.

Please, it makes it so that players can't enjoy, or get the benefits of the Flashpoint, just so that a few lazy players don't have to work for their commendations. As far as I am concerned, this constitutes an exploit...

Thank you for your time
Perhaps you shouldn't think you are entitled to force your own opinions and choices ingame down other people's throats?
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