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12.11.2012 , 05:13 AM | #90
funny, imps usally have better team play, ill agree there...but, i see one guardian maybe one sent in pug grp, every imp team plays with 3 jugs and mara, big differnce no? why? bio gave us a free hand at a dumb spec. and imps use that spec to its fullest, b4 that buff, were you jugs hiding? what happened that you all of a sudden play you jug now? why? maybe learn to play in tank form bit better instead of being a one pump chump? your girls must love you guys....but im not flaming yous, you like it easy fast and simple... and if anyone anwsers this differently, if you think playing 5 smashers in wz is good for pvp, you havent seen anything, the game will be stale and old real fast, cause average players and stuff will leave the game... bio you are killing pvp buy making all these no talent players put up 500k with 2 moves, plse fix it and then we see how many jugs que