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A bunch of stuff we didnt care about getting fixed, a bunch of stuff we do care about getting broken, and months more of poorly balanced pvp play is what I have come to expect from patches.
As many said before me , this.

However reducing the gear gap will definetly make for a more accurate metric of how balanced classes really are , although they could just have look at how same geared people play against each other as my 13k expertise sorc gets smashed by 6k from an unoptimized marauder and they seem to be looking into ridiculous things such as KTDR , aaaaaaand that they don't know what the hell they are talking about given that they said a healer would die less and get less kills (LOLWUT healers get the most kills in a match ) , all in all i expect nothing. Bioware has clearly show how deeply incompetent they are on the pvp front since the broken ilum patch and had to make valor a worthless epeen thing. There is no hope anymore, fire the the pvp team and hire 10k monkeys with typewriters.
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