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Savage Kick and Pommel Strike have long CDs. They're handy to use when available, and on vulnerable targets, but they're not an essential part of any rotation for any spec.
Savage kick has the same CD as Annihilation, so by your thinking Anni shouldn't be part of a rotation as well. What is more, not using the skill just because it has long CD is just bad. It will not be part of every rotation, but discarding it just because there CANNOT be more then one rotation is baaad, mkay?

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And to your first comment about "limping". Annihilation is ahead of Rupture on the priority list, period.
Thanks, I am convinced

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It contributes more to overall DPS, and is thus more important. The point of the priority list is to maximize DPS, and you get more overall damage by using Annihilate to the CD, even at the expense of Pulverize procs or delaying the use of Rupture (you're using 2 Annihilates per Rupture CD anyway, so you still have plenty of chances to proc Pulverize).

This may be counter-intuitive, but parse logs don't lie.
Parse logs are created on dummies. Those data is artificial and you cannot assume anything based on it, as the environment is dynamic and you cannot always follow the same path. There are not many situations where you can just pommel your opponent without being hit amirite? So the fact that you CLAIM (source?) that your opinion is right on dummy does not mean a thing in actual play.