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Yes, this thread is Necro'd, and that's probably my fault for resurrecting it.

However, we have raised an interesting discussion with the concept of the "power gap" between the Old Republic Jedi and the PT Jedi. I just started a thread about Jedi teachings and how war affects them, so I'll leave further discussion of just which sect of Jedi would have more practical combat experience to that and other related threads.

Perhaps I should reduce my argument to this:
Asajj Ventress is a goofy cartoon. The Clone Wars TV series is invalid because ANAKIN BLOODY SKYWALKER trains a padawan? I thought he wasn't ready to go out and do anything like that on his own, Obi-Wan was still HIS master... the level of discontinuity the series creates between Ep. II and III is mind boggling.

No doubt, the story of the Clone Wars needed to be told, but the way it's been done to date was just a poor excuse for producing additional Star Wars merchandise and action figures. Thanks, Lucas, you greedy old man.
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