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I do not need to know where to get the schematics, but what's needed for this mod to make.
It will take whatever basic materials are required for the green, plus X number of of blue metals of the appropriate grade, plus X number of the purple rare metals of the same grade. I don't know exact numbers or grades for that specific recipe as i'm out of game and can't look up the specifics but at Mod 9 we're probably looking at second half grade 2 metals and compounds, and probably grade 1 underworld metals? So that would be like Chanlon, Plasteel, and that T word underworld metal... might need grade 2 underworld metals, in which case you'd be lookin at mullinine and i forget what the purple is called.

Long story short, the easiest way to figure out what to expect for a prototype or artifact schematic is to just look at the grade of metals and compounds for the basic schematic, factor in a couple common underworld metals of the same grade for prototype, and then a couple common and a couple rare underworld metals of the same grade for the artifact. There are times of course, where the basic components go up a grade while the underworld requirements are a grade lower.