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There won't be anything on the PTS for a bit since 1.6 is coming out this morning, but before you log in [or while the game is updating], click the little gears button and make sure "Enable Public Test Server Access" is set as "Yes." Then, after you log in, there will be a different looking button in around the same place, and it will let you change the environment from the regular servers to the PTS servers. However, right now, there is no character copy system in place, so you will have to level from level 1 on the PTS. Hope this helped c: Oh, also, if you've never used the PTS, the patch for the PTS will take a while...i gave up on it myself, i'm not patient enough

EDIT: i kind of messed up the gears button will be available after patching too, and the icon next to it after patching will let you switch to the PTS environment, sorry for my little mix up
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