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12.11.2012 , 04:23 AM | #7
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So if you exit the game and close swtor when you experience slow down and log back in do you play fine again for a while ?

have you tried the suggestions in this thread with changing the control panel settings ?
If i close the game and restart my laptop i can play for a bit without fps problems. I am thinking it may be because of overheating? but its strange that a restart that takes 30 seconds can fix this or 2 hours..

i think my memory is getting full or something, eater way i tried the link and set my nvidia to the suggested settings. now i have to wait until the servers are up so i can test it.

P.S. the post had a suggestion of putting the priority of swtor on high in the task manager, but i seem to get a "access denied". This option works on every other program i am running tho.