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Really want to point out that for your first character or two, trying to rely on a gear craft for your leveling experience will leave you a very very very very very poor and still half the time under geared Jedi.

My personal advice would be to ask the community what seems to be the best pre 50 money maker atm. Cybertech becomes great later when you can craft the top tier artifact mods, but isn't as in demand from 10-50 since most mods and gear can be obtained just as easily with planetary comms and players change gear rapidly in those levels.

You might almost be better off picking up slicing and a couple gathering, or slicing, a popular gathering, and a popular mission skill, and selling off your wares on the GTN until later in the game when you can make credits running end game dailies to fund full blown crafting. While it's not impossible to be self sufficient with Synthweaving or Armormech or Cybertech throughout the leveling process, the recipes get expensive, the mats go quick, the missions get expensive, and all of that cost will be competing with training your abilities which gets REALLY expensive.

Back to point though, if self sufficiency is your goal i'd suggest either Armormech (gearing companions in blue's from armormech saves a boatload in credits and commendations), or Cybertech (creating your own mods and armorings makes staying current in orange gear more manageable), or Artifice (since both your toons are jedi, you will benefit not only from the crystals and enhancements, but also the hilts and later lightsabers). And then of course picking the appropriate gather and mission skills to compliment your craft choice.

I can't personally condone Synthweaving since the benefits are very narrow (mostly only your two jedi, as you will notice *most* of your companions will be using medium/heavy/droid gear with focuses on aim and cunning), and the end game product is completely useless. In other words, all you'll really get out of Synthweaving is a few flashy robes you'll quickly discard for newer flashy robes, that really only benefit you (not other players or your companions so much, though some things sell pretty well on GTN).

My personal setup:
Main - Trooper Commando... Armormech, Scavenging, Underworld Trading. Makes armors for his companions, my alts, and their companions too. Blue recipe is easy enough to achieve and produce and is considerably better than most quest rewards and random drops of equal level.
Alt 1 - Smuggler Gunslinger... Cybertech, Scavenging, Underworld Trading. I prefer Cybertech over Artifice or Armstech because characters tend to wear more armor than weapons, so the armorings benefit me more than the limited applications for barrels and hilts. And enhancements are easy enough to keep up well with planetary comms.
Alt 2 - Jedi Sage... Artifice, Archaeology, Treasure Hunting. Ok, so I caved and gave an alt artifice. Would have taken cybertech but already got that covered. This just compliments it well enough, though i rarely play this toon so i hardly seen anything from it on my other characters.
Alt 3 - Yeah, I'm an alt-aholic. Jedi Knight... Biochem, Bioanalysis, Diplomacy? (I'm hardly ever on this toon, so whatever the mission skill is for the rare biochem mats). Needed to pick something, at least this way come end game I can save a few extra creds producing med packs and stims for my other toons.

As you can see, i didn't even consider Armstech, even on Alt 3. Artifice trumps it, since it produces 3 mods - Hilts, Crystals, Enhancements - two of which are useful to any class type.

Last thing of note... decide what you want to do before you pick what you think you want to do. There is currently an acknowledged bug involving crafting recipes. Basically, it would seem that if you have a crafting skill, decide you don't like it, drop it, and pick up a new one... you will randomly lose recipes with the new one. Doesn't sound bad, but can cost you tons of credits and many hours of reverse engineering only to have all your effort wiped clean the next time you log in. There's no ETA on them even trying to fix this bug last i checked, so better to plan ahead than suffer till fixed. This bug actually lead to me deleting numerous characters and just starting over.