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Want to bring up a few things this post had me thinking about. With F2P, Bioware opened the door to a vast group of people to come join the game. I believe this can be broken down into 4 groups.

1) Kids who's parents wouldn't pay a subscription fee for them to play this game.
2) people that believe they shouldn't have to pay a subscription for a game.
3) people new to the MMO genre.
4) people from the most popular MMO game.

Group 4 is going to have two subsets: there's 4a which is people from there that wanted to try SWTOR but didn't want to pay two subscription fees; and 4b which is entitled people from that game that are now playing this game. I like to refer to 4b as d-bag carl.

Of those groups, groups 3 and 4a are the one that will probably be most open to suggestions and constructive critisim. These people want to have fun and learn.

Group 1 is excusable because they are children/teens playing but those closer to adulthood should know better but I wouldn't hold my breath for them.

Group 2 could be like 3 and 4a but that depends on the person playing.

Group 4B, aka D-bag Carl, is the majority of our current problem. These people look at this game like WoW and try to play that way. I've watched WoW evolve from day 1 and in it's current state people are kicked out of a group for not pulling insane DPS in a heroic level 90 instance (which is equilvant to our hard mode flashpoints) on a character that just got to the gear requirement to do those instances. These same people when leveling characters feel like they can disregard who's tanking or healing and do what they want, like chain pulling things.

Out of all those groups, 4b is going to make the vast majority new players to our game. I was leveling a new Sith Inquisitor on Ebon HAwk (an RP server) and General chat was just insane with conversations that maybe shouldn't be there. Names from people like STEP-MOM, STEP-DAD, STEP-DAUGHTER and a vast number of goofy names were blabbering on about a bunch of what I perceived as garbage not belonging to a general channel. People with ligimit questions about game play or where something was were drowned out but this crap from D-bag Carl and it sucks.

I also think that Bioware maigh be a little responsible here for this crap because they decided it was a good idea to lock down the chat for F2P players. They can't join a player made chat or send tells to people. This is WRONG! Give them the ability to whisper people to ask questions or join a player made chat we set up for people that want to help the new F2P players get better. This influx of players could be great and want to be here but the micro-transaction locking of simple functions like chat is RUINING the experience as well as the crap listed in this thread with the FPs. Something needs done and I think it's really up to us, the community, to try and help those that want it and to Bioware to give them the full chat ability so those seeking help can find it from those of us willing to help.
Unfortunatly only a few new players fall under the d-bag carl which drags down the reputation of other F2P players.
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